Development strategy

Gradient Company holds steady course to attain the status of the best operator in the market of welding materials of Ukraine. We made the most concentrated in the selected focus and intend to make all possible improvements to that service to the company achieved the highest level. Our marketing focus - these are materials for welding. In this industry, we are growing, we derive new products and brands on the market, but remain a niche company, and not inflate its product portfolio to unimaginable proportions.

Our aim is: "When I hear Gradient - I represent quality welding materials ."

Today, we are expanding the map of distribution in the regions of Ukraine . In the near future the first child of a branch in the Russian Federation will begin its work.

Today we have the necessary experience for the qualified approach to the most difficult sectors of the economy of Ukraine , which uses metal welding. However, the entire staff of all time improve their knowledge. We do not stand still, and moves together with modern society . Was also brought to market a new premium brand that has allowed our company to expand the base of potential customers.

Experience of cooperation of many companies with our company speaks for itself . Becoming a partner of our company, you will not want to look for something else. Quality of the products, staff professionalism and stability in the market allows you to get pleasure from the partnership.

We are always open for cooperation!

Welcome to the ranks of our partners!


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