Aluminium welding wire ER5356 (AlMg5)

Mark by AWS A5.10: ER5356

Mark by GOST7871-75:   СВАМг5


Gas shield: Ar

Welding positions:  

Polarity: DC straight polarity

Produced diameters: 0,8mm 1.0mm 1,2mm

Packaging options: 0.5kg 2kg 7kg

Description and Features:

Aluminum welding wire ER5356 (AlMg5) is a material for welding aluminum structures in inert gas Ar. Chemical composition of it except for aluminum has a number of other elements and dopings to ensure impurities.

Chemical content of welding wire (%) Si Mg Fe Cu Mn Zn Ti Al
0.25 4.5-5.5 ≤ 0.4
≤ 0.1
0.05-0.2 ≤ 0.1 0.06-0.2 Rem
Mechanical properties of the weld metal Yield strenght σ0.2(Mpa) Tensile strength
Elongation δ5(%)
120 265 26


Aluminum welding wire AlMG5 that used for MIG welding of steel structures and profiles of AlMg alloys that contain more than 3% Mg, such as AlMg3, AlMg4, AlMg5, AlMg6.


Presented on plastic spools D100 D200 D270. Layer winding. PE film + Silica gel + carton box


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