Welding helmet Chameleon W997

Light/Dark state: continuously adjustable from DIN9 to DIN13

Switching time of filter: within <1/30’000 s at room temperature

Delay time: 0.25 ~ 0.80 s (3 modes)

Viewing area: 98х55 mm

Size of filter cartridge: 110х90х9mm

Batteries: Li-Mi & Solar Combination (Min. Lifetime: 5000 Welding Hours)

Regulation: smooth, 4 regulators on the outer side of helmet

Number of sensors: 4

Color options of helmet: black-orange

Operating temperature: from  -5 °C to +55 °C

Material: nylon

Weight: 520 g

Description and Features:

Professional level model.
It has 4 different settings: Latency blackout mode selection, Shading Level, Sensitivity
High-quality plastic and matte painting of helmet.
Light/Dark state regulator is on the outside of the helmet, which provides ease of use.
The helmet body is made of non-combustible material impervious to decay in contact with sparks.
The filter has a protective plate within the mask and outside.
Skid plates are easy to change, thereby increasing the life of the helmet.
The fastening system of helmet allows easy adjustment and fix it on the head in a comfortable position for you.

Sphere of application:

It is used for PPE eyes and face from sparks, spatter and radiation during welding MIG/MAG.


Each mask is packed in a cardboard box with a unique design of Company «Gradient».


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